Google Did a Billion in Ads Q4 ’04

P.1 of today’s (2.4.05) New York Times has Markoff and Ives reporting on Google’s success with ad sales. The story is jumped inside underneath a Stuart Elliott column about Conde Nast — the publishing house with one of the more befuckticated online strategies (ever try to find a New Yorker article? try to understand why Terra Lycos owns wonder why Vanity Fair isn’t even online?) when it comes to a trying to push the power of print on advertisers.

One stat cited is that readers spend 45 minutes between the covers of a magazine.

George Sansoucy, senior vp and managing director at Initiative is quoted:

“When marketers buy media, ultimately it is about the quality of the engagement with consumers … the average time spent reading a magazine is 45 minutes … makes magazines a superior engagement medium.”

Superior to what? Buses? The roof of a cab? Banners towed over the beach in August?

I love how the noses grow on magazine ad execs faces when they start babbling about “engagement”, “pass-a-longs” and the latest Audit Board of Circulation audit. Online is the most trackable advertising medium in history and still ain’t getting the respect it’s owed.

ranting over. no blogging until this evening. off to Boston on job interviews today.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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