Digital Deliverance: The Digital Edition Dirigibles

Digital Deliverance: The Digital Edition Dirigibles


A good piece on why PDF-based publications stink and are the Zeppelins of our age.  


While I am at it, does anyone think Zinio is a good idea? I subscribe to the MIT Tech review via the format and honestly think the technology is rotten. Hard to believe anyone is serious about preserving print design in a digital format.

Ray Ozzie goes to MSFT

Not too surprising to see Microsoft acquire Groove Networks — Microsoft was an investor in Ray Ozzie’s p2p project — and it makes sense to see Ray ascend to the triumverate of CTOs. Ozzie’s invention of Lotus Notes was hailed, justifiably, as a great leap forward and created the new category of "Groupware."

I hate Lotus Notes. I loathe it. I think, all other things being equal, if I had to chose between working at two companies — one running Notes, the other running Microsoft Exchange — I would go with the Exchange environment every day.

Notes was the ugliest, most user-unfriendly application I’ve ever endured. This is not surprising given Lotus’ brain-dead approach to user-interfaces in the early 90s, when CCMail — it’s evil email client — had icons that were drawn by participants in a split-brain experiment.

Don’t take my word for it. Notes sucks. 

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