Is nothing sacred?

While looking at the infographic in the NYT this morning that details the papal voting process, I saw, tucked under the drawing of the Sistine Chapel, the words "Cellphone Scrambler."

First, I want a cell phone scrambler to carry on my person to block anyone, including myself, in the general vicinity from receiving or placing phone calls. Sort of a personal "cone of silence."

But sticking one in the Sistine Chapel leads to all sorts of questions. Is it to keep the Cardinals from receiving calls in the middle of the balloting? Or is it to keep them from placing calls to the outside world, tipping off the media that a two-thirds majority has been achieved and so beating the white smoke out of the chimney?


Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. or is it to keep some reporters or others — nameless agencies — from placing listening devices in there. I’m sure it isn’t *just* cell phones they’re scrambling.

    these are the guys who perfected spying. they know what it’s all about

    paranoid? maybe but that doesn’t mean they aren’t chasing me

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