One month into the new gig

Lack of blogging here due to 65 hour weeks the past month; but coming out of the cave of analysis now and beginning to carve out some time to return to this blog (9:30 pm on a Saturday is an indication of loss-of-life).

Tons of stuff to post and pose:

1. Audience enhancement — not development as an art of "names" embrace. Wish I could find the old Bill Ziff keynote to some b2b publishers association in the 80s. Brilliant manifesto for working with one’s "names" on every thing from qualified circ, direct mail, registration, renewal, and multiple media delivery channels.

2. Podcast production. Easy as pie. Download Audacity, get a digital mike, then find something to say. Last week CMO Magazine launched its first in 36 hours from conception to publication. Production costs were the salaries of those involved. Issue is how to make cash from the thing.  (The story of getting copyright permission for the music in the aforementioned podcast is priceless. Good thing I tracked the owner down, he was the force behind the passage of the 1976 copyright legislation).

3. Lead generation – this is a whole new alien topic. Remember Glengarry Glen Ross? When the desperate condo salesmen are ravenous for leads and contemplate stealing them after bemoaning the old set is full of Polish people, deadbeats and people named Patel?  Now take that scene and apply to tech advertisers. 

4. Metrics – whole new game now that Hitbox and Omniture are in the game.  No more seat of the pants guesswork. Death to Webtrends and garbage numbers. But yet … still they fall short.

That’s it for now. Now to figure out how to migrate my admin password for this blog from an old laptop to my new one, and blogging can recommence or need to go on pause and be reconstituted, most likely under blogharbor at Matt McAlister’s suggestion. 

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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