Event Fanatics

"On January 20th, 1980, after walking around at the Super Bowl in Pasadena in a fur bikini bottom, Rollen Stewart went back to his hotel room, turned on the television and saw born-again Christian preacher, Dr. Charles Taylor, on Today in Bible Prophecy."


This guy went to the superbowl (any televised spectacle) in a rainbow Afro wig and helds a sign that said "John 3:16". Then he held a hotel maid hostage while demanding a global press conference and went to jail.



 Then there is the Devil of the Tour de France: Didi Senft




He chases riders with a pitchfork and rides the world’s largest bicycle. Most of the riders like him to do this.


Then there are your run-of-the-mill face painters

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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