Doug Kaye – ITConversations on free content

This was in the weekly update from Doug Kaye at ITConversations, my favorite podcast channel and a model for how to present content from live events:

 "1. Free content is more valuable than paid content. When content (or whatever
   you choose to call it) can be freely linked to, blogged, reviewed and
   remixed, its value to the world (and hence to its creator/owner) escalates
   dramatically. Conversely, if you put your content behind a toll gate or
   hinder its access or reuse in any other way, you drastically reduce its

For Paid Content, the Times They Are a Changin’

For Paid Content, the Times They Are a Changin’

Good discussion of the paid/free models, citing Pat Kenealy’s interview with Adam Peneberg linked down lower here.

Also discussion of payment models — ala carte vs. flat rates or bundled. As I’ve noted before in my discussions of Highbeam vs. Factiva in the paid research space, the flat fee model is most compelling.


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