Salon puts The Well on auction block | Tech News on ZDNet

Salon puts The Well on auction block | Tech News on ZDNet

Things were never the same at the WELL after the decline and fall of the "savage user interface", the command-line nav called "Picospan."

 Still the best "community" there ever was and will be.  Some of the personalities there were epic in their impact … Stewart Brand,

Tom Mandel, Howard Rheingold, Blair Newman, "Hinging," Jay Allison, Tex,  David Gans … and then figuring out a fellow Deadhead (John Lang Lorenz) lived only two floors above me in the same Boston apartment building …. The flaming of Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Time for his cyberporn scare story …

Moving to an HTML structure killed the place. Salon kept it propped up for a while, but I hung up on the WELL in 95 and never went back. I wonder if my old handle "dbuck" ever got scooped up.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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