hacked last night

My buddy Mark Cahill at Reel-Time IM’d me at 6:30 last night to tell me the site had been hacked and hijacked by a worm. First time that has every happened to me, so I took down the offending page — just a text message telling me some pin-head "owned" me — emailed the ISP’s sysadmin, and learned it was an idle version of Drupal that needed to be patched. Patched it is, and back we go.

What really is hammering me is spammers forging return addresses to their outgoing bumf. The resulting bounces are keeping my spam filters busy. Doubtlessly this is putting me on all sorts of blacklists, but there’s nothing I can do.

I advocate finding a spammer, chaining them to a table and every evening doing a live webcast where a millimeter of them is shaved off with a deli meat slicer, starting with the bottom of their feet.  

Random Rantings

Things that set me off:

1. Flavored coffee: "Hazelnut Raspberry Irish Creme" — this is not coffee. This is poison. This is the potable equivalent of bad cologne. There is one true coffee and it’s name is Peet’s French Roast.

2. Luggage on wheels:  get out of the Barca-Lounger and carry your own bag like a man. If you stop in the jet-way to extend the #$%$# retractable handle I shall keep on charging forward and kick you.

3. The revival of the bubble. Web 2.0, Web 1.0. Social-anything. We’re careening right over the cliff again.

4. Henry Blodgett’s rehabilitation. The guy was a trade-reporter hack who was peter-principled into a stock analyst gig, had his 15-minutes of fame, talked out of both sides of his mouth, and is back, reborn as a blogger with a big foot-noted disclaimer. Go away. 

5. Xenon Headlights: like staring down a landing B-52. The lumination equivalent of a rolling middle-finger.

5. Web 2.0 M&A frenzies. The breathlessness with which the Webblog Inc. acquisition by AOL — that shining paradigm of online mediocrity — was greeted by the insular world of bloggers looking for financial redemption ("You see, our model DOES pay") overlooks the fact that Calcanis’s empire is based on AdSense revenues. While he makes Google rich, he somehow achieves a 12X multiple so AOL can buy some traffic. This is all driven by Media 1.0 dinosaur fears of being left, yet again, at the kiddie table.  There are a lot of Web 1.0 vampires rising from the crypt trying again to find that "liquidity event" in the sky.

6. Indignant new media screams about getting their scoops ripped off by the MSM. Get over it. Plagarism is the American way.  


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