Best in Gym – New York Times

Best in Gym – New York Times

 "The rowing machine, which has plummeted in popularity in the last 15 years, ranked a surprising second in our survey, tied with the treadmill. Several panelists argued that rowing machines are highly underrated; when used properly they offer a thorough workout of the major muscle groups, including the back, hips, arms and legs. But despite its advantages, rowing machines demand an intensity of effort that many exercisers find too challenging."

The Times is SO wrong about this one. Having logged about 5,000,000 meters on a Concept2 ergometer, I know of what I speak. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will kick your butt faster than a rowing machine. Then again, with health club trainers making the selection, one can see why they would pick the machine favored by dillitantes, the asine elliptical trainer. Ergs are for masochists, pure and simple. Want the best bang-for-your-exercise-buck? Then erg. And learn how to use it the right way.  SportsGeezer agrees


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