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0 thoughts on “Constance L. Hays, 44, Business Reporter at Times and an Author, Dies – New York Times”

  1. Constance Hays or also known as Connie was a great friend to me. She was the most compasionate person i knew. She cared for others, and she would never say no to anything, as long as you asked her for it. Her passing has most definitely took a toll on my family. I would also just like to give her family my condolences, I know it is going to be hard for them to adjust to this major loss in their life.
    Donovan Brown

  2. bootspur – from texas, have lived in Germay and other place around the U.S., enjoy water skiing, cooking out, computer-internet, my i-phone, reading, watching movies, (weed)
    Martin says:

    After Brian Lamb’s interview with Connie Hays about her book about Coca-Cola, ‘The Real Thing.’ I performed a basic search to learn more about her, not realizing at the time that I had read her reporting on the Martha Stewart matter. I think the interview with Brian was one of the most fascinating that I have watched him do, but it was because of Connie’s reaction to Brian that I was taken by this, she was a very curious mind the best kind to follow along in story even for the oft dry subject of ‘business.’ I was so saddened to learn of her passing during the post-interview wind-up on C-Span that I performed a search to learn more about her to again be disappointed that little or no information is available on her personally, and that is a good thing of course for her children, maintaining their privacy. . .

    I am sorry that you have lost such a great person in your life. . . The public has lost a great reporter, and writer.

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