Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin …

Getting one’s act together for a big move is an utter drag. Long lists of stuff to get done before flying to Raleigh and all of it tedious. Ranging from a screw to replace the paper clip holding my reading glasses together, to taking my bike to the shop to get it broken down and boxed for a UPS ride to North Carolina (I care more about the bike than anything else, truth be told, and don’t want to buy a new "unobtanium" down there, having just dropped big coin to build up the Viktor Rapinski LeMond).

Total sadness on leaving family. Daphne and Fisher are off to China at the end of the month to celebrate Chinese New Year and Fisher’s birthday with Aunt Dede. Me, I’ll stay in Raleigh and poke around for an apartment and some semblance of a lifestyle outside of the office.

Using to find an apartment is hopeless. I’ll just drive around the region and see what looks good and then go from there. In the interim, I’ll be living in some sucky extended-stay suite deal in Cary and driving a micro rental car. Feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for myself. 

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Good luck David. Lenovo will be well served by you. Daphne and Fisher will be down to see you soon and Ned will send you a bone, if you’re really good.
    you’re the best and someday you’re gonna do a monster book.

    Keep the lines tight, the hooks sharp and Learn to appreciate catfish, venemous aquatic serpents and pontoon boats.


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