More New Guy Hell — mobile connectivity

writing from the lobby of the Harbor Court Hotel in San Francisco on the hotel’s wireless network. The company VPN can’t make a connection for inexplicable reasons, so I decamped earlier to a local Starbucks where their t-Mobile WAN was able to support the connect and I could pull down my Notes mail and get onto the corporate IM client.

Further frustration over the lack of internal IT support for my Treo 650. I had used Pylon at IDG to remotely fetch Notes mail and synch, but alas, only the Blackberry is supported and I am not keen on transferring to RIM while their future remains in question thanks to the NTP suit. Also don’t want to lose my number, take the hardware hit for dumping the Treo (which I am not a big fan of due to software issues), and then try to learn the Blackberry interface. But, that’s the deal and that’s how it will have to be.

Good discussion yesterday with David Berlind at ZDNet over his frustrations into the new-PC migration process and how that is a barrier to purchase for many potential new owners. He had some innovation suggestions for solving the problem, and having gone through the transfer process myself last week, I completely empathize, particularly in migrating my stable of extensions, widgets, bookmarks, subscriptions, passwords, and other personal detritus over to the new machine. Berlind is very passionate about the Think brand and his most telling insight was the effect that a missed keystroke onto the Thinkpad’s "back and forward" keys can have on a WordPress blogger. Having blown away a big post through the same mistake, I once again was empathetic.


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