The W.E.L.L. has a $200K book value February 19, 2006 Archives

See my earlier post — “Sometimes I miss the W.E.L.L.”

Wow, how sad. Paid Content reports:

“ The Well, the pioneering online discussion forum, has not yet found a buyer, according to Salon’s latest 10-Q filing. “Salon has not found a suitable buyer for this asset, which has a book value of approximately $0.2 million, most of which is goodwill. The potential sale of The Well is not primarily driven by a need to generate cash to finance Salon’s operations, but is primarily intended to free management to concentrate on Salon’s core operations.”

NYC through Thursday night

I’m in New York for partner meetings, agency discussions and an announcement, then back to the Cape Friday night.

Cell phone is the way to find me – 508 360 6147

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