WSJ merges print and online in reorg

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Very interesting memo at Poynter from Gordon Crovitz explaining the reorganization of print and online under one roof. The WSJ was one of, if not, the first news operation to co-locate print and online, so this seems to be more managerial and sales side than any big revelation.

The headline should be that online is delivering a $30 million profit.

I was at’s new offices yesterday — my first return since departing in the summer of 2000. Harley in the hallway, TV studios — an amazing departure from the days of running the joint out of a second floor dump where laptops disappeared, toilets overflowed, and the staff held mouse trapping contests.

Online is now king and the publications who are sprinting are the ones that let their online groups fly under seperate management and P&Ls. Forbes appears very happy with their position in the universe now — free, open, and with massively large numbers, far more than their print competitors at BusinessWeek and Fortune.

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