Let’s watch this one unfold

Secure Computing: SmartFilter web URL filtering and reporting

The folks at Boing-Boing — the world’s most popular blog — are a little annoyed that users in the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and even American elementary schools are being blocked from seeing their site thanks to a web filtering app called SmartFilter from Secure Computing. Apparently a couple naked pix on Boing-Boing earned them the 404 treatment.
Knowing Boing-Boing’s terrier-like penchant for taking up a cause — the Sony rootkit for example — this ought to be fun to watch as Secure Computing gets whaled on by the blogosphere.

Today the folks at Boing-Boing are really stepping it up, pointing out that “Smart”Filter ain’t so smart and even blocks the Declaration of Independence.

I would be that the execs at Secure Computing are only beginning to become aware of the brouhaha.

Boing-Boing even came up with a boycott button — this taken from a public domain photo of Michaelangelo’s David:

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