This is my favorite font

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I want this font. It is in nearly every airport I’ve been in, and seemingly nowhere else.

If I were to pick my default web font, it would be this.

I first saw it in Frankfurt, LaGuardia has it, and this pic is from BWI.

I challenged a design team at Rare Medium to use it for in 1999, but alas, no one could find it.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. It’s very similar to the font my wife chose for a magazine she worked on 6 years ago: Myriad. The only discernable difference is the “6”

    Sometimes signage is also customized for the client.

  2. Do ever feel like your life is one big airport? When you reach the Pearly Gates (millions of years from now), will Heaven’s signs be in this font?

  3. I am tired of airports, indeed am sitting in one now (Providence) having just been stripped search for reasons unknown. Airworld is purgatory on earth. Southwest Airlines is Greyhound with wings.

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