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Gmaps Pedometer

This is a map of the bike ride I took this morning. Nice warm spring morning with some sunshine looking like it wanted to give way to rain, so I donned my spandex, strapped on my cleats, clicked in, and started rolling with no destination known.

Like a rolling stone.

A little out of shape — the Lenovo gig and North Carolina have not been conducive to solid cycling these past three months — but I got around the roads just fine.

This cool tool on the link is the Gmaps pedometer — a neat tool for saving favorite hikes, bike rides, walks, and runs. I like it — this, in my mind, is what a “mash-up” is — take a strong tool like Google Maps with an open API — and make it better.


I came home, fell on the couch, and watched the Criterium Internationale on OLN. It’s been a bike day all around.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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