Coremetrics buys Surfaid

Coremetrics acquires Surfaid

Thanks to Jim Hazen for pointing out that IBM’s web metrics solution, Surfaid, is now part of the Coremetrics family. I bet they did it to grab Surfaid’s installed base and then upsell.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. yes, install base. but also think about what you blogged about before: integration w/analytics.

    surfaid as part of coremetrics means integration with websphere.

  2. Judah, you’re correct about the integration aspect. In one of the articles I read, it mentioned the linkage with websphere. I think what you were alluding to was Dave’s earlier entry concerning the dream of a content management system that is basically ruled by the web analytics. I can definitely see that as a goal, but why wouldn’t IBM do that themselves, I mean they own WebSphere! Wouldn’t the sale to Coremetrics indicate IBM wasn’t successful?

  3. that’s a good point. they may have not been successful. or that large organization may have a case of corporate shortsightedness. taking a look at the messaging around surfaid, i’ve found ibm considers it a “customer empowerment” feature. that’s only one lens through which i see web analytics. yeah, reports are great, but automation is better. and maybe coremetrics now thinks they have the code and the resources to do it.

    clambuck is right about the install base too. i am not underestimating that as a motivator… the market share/penetration
    angle, the rev increase, the future cash flow, the people Coremetrics keep, the prof serv team.

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