Publishing 2.0 » Corporate Blogging Reality Check

Publishing 2.0 » Corporate Blogging Reality Check

Scot Karp posts a smart one:

“This encapsulates so much of why corporate blogging is hard. “Companies” need to behave predictably, unlike people, for the sake of Wall Street and their shareholders. For companies and people to connect through blogging, companies will need to become a lot more human — advocates of corporate social responsibility can tell you how hard that transition is.

Of course, in Microsoft’s case, the Scoble loose canon model is still better than the Steve Ballmer lunkhead model — can you imagine Ballmer blogging? You could only read the blog on a Windows PC using IE, etc.”

Pattern Finder – Guy Creese’s log

Pattern Finder

I know Guy from a panel on audience development he participated in during last year’s Global Online Summit at IDG. Formerly at Ballardvale, he’s now an analyst at The Burton Group, is a founder of the Web Analytics Association, and a very smart person on the topic of content management.

He’s also a great writer and prolific blogger, hence the linkage.

Chatfield Memoirs — The Assault on the St. Mark’s Saltworks

After capturing the Circassian, Chatfield and crew wait orders in Key West harbor, fire a disaster of a 34-gun salute, are sent on patrol, nearly sink their New York ferry boat in the Gulf Stream, and are reassigned to the calmer inside waters, where they take up blockade duties near St. Marks and Cedar Key.

Thanks a near tornado in Durham last night, my hotel had no power from 7 to 11, so I did the transcription by the light of the screen and my Thinkpad’s keyboard light.

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