» 5 rules for successful success metrics (and a template) – Juice Analytics

» 5 rules for successful success metrics (and a template) – Juice Analytics

Great post on dashboards and the failure of metrics without a conduit for action.

“When I first started at AOL, a friend of mine pointed to the dozens of reports flying around the organization and remarked (I paraphrase): “This many ‘important’ metrics just indicates that nobody really understands this business.” If you struggle to boil down, you should spend more time defining success and understanding the factors that drive performance.

In which I go watch golf …

Tomorrow I fly to Augusta, GA to watch the Masters — apparently a holy event for those who are into good walks spoiled, as Mr. Twain once wrote. I don’t now, and haven’t in the past, watched golf. Ever. My grandmother used to watch it on television and it looked glacial in its whispered pace.
I do not golf. I do not like golf. I tried, approaching the game in the early 90s out of curiosity, but quickly losing interest due to:

  • Ineptitude
  • Lack of patience
  • Loathing of the clothing
  • Ineptitude
  • The time sink
  • The rules
  • The attitudes
  • Embarassment

I am quasi-left handed, which I think accounts for my ineptitude. I say “quasi-” because I eat and write southpaw, but I play sports (throw ball, swing a hockey stick) like a rightie. I think I was doomed out of the gate, something pointed out to me in a golf lesson by an exasperated pro.

So tomorrow I get to stroll down the sylvan fairways of the last bastion of CEO testosterone and whisper while guys competiting for a green blazer spank the Spaulding and tap the Titelist. I will promise to be on my best behavior.

Yellow Fever and a Hurricane – Chatfield

Captain Chatfield is blockading the western coast of Florida and tense over the threat of an attack:

“We also knew that she was commanded by that fighting fellow Catesby A. Jones, the same that commanded the Merrimac in the fight with the Monitor in Hampton Roads: and the rumor reached us that he had sworn to clear out the blockade at West Pass, and open that port to commerce: and that with his gun boat and three river steamers, protected with cotton bales and hundred riflemen on each, he could easily do it: and I am sure he would have stood a good chance to succeed.”

Yellow Fever sweeps the East Gulf Squadron, and a hurricane wrecks the Union fleet at St. Mark’s. Good stuff that proves men are more dangerous than whales. Chatfield and the Somerset are patrolling and blockading the river mouth of the Chattahoochee River, which is navigable up to Atlanta, south of Tallahassee.

Catesby ap Jones

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