Helicopter Blogging

Now I can say I have blogged from a helicopter. Dang. on my way to the Masters. Fotos to follow.

Helicopters are loud, vibrate till your teeth hurt, but are eminently cool craft. I got the window seat and put the old Treo phone to good use. Blogging on the Treo was less fun, but I pulled it off and announced over lunch that I had blogged in a helicopter, an announcement that was met with blank stares, but which I think has to put me in a pantheon of stupid blogger tricks.

Acronyms and buzzwords

Coming out of my first 90 days, I discovered this list of mystery acronyms I started on my first week at Lenovo. What is frightening is that I now understand most of them:

  • DRAs
  • SOV
  • DG
  • E2E
  • GSC
  • MTMs
  • SVVs
  • SC
  • ECAP
  • BMC
  • PMC
  • BOM
  • LCOC
  • E/R
  • NDF
  • BAU
  • MRC
  • LCAP
  • MCP
  • CAs
  • COAs
  • DRA
  • QMP
  • OA
  • OI

Favorite terms:

  • “Interlock”
  • “Gearbox”
  • “Cadence”
  • “Drunk-and-disorderly”
  • “Line of sight”

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