Saturday at the Races

You have new Picture Mail!

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This is Lake Cochichewick in North Andover. I spent three long springs on this lake rowing at the Brooks School. An all-boys school in Massachusetts. This is a cold, rough place that taught me the true meaning of the term: “pain builds character.”

Whenever I feel physically challenged I think back to the last 100 yards of a lung-busting crew race down these waters, hands bleeding, soaked in near-freezing water, and I always know that nothing will be as horrible.

This picture was taken while I watched my daughter (National High School Champion rower in 2005) scrimmage against Nobles & Greenough.

Easter Dinner in a box

You have new Picture Mail!

Originally uploaded by dchurbuck.

While checking out at Stop & Shop I saw this monstrosity. A big box containing a full “Holiday Ham Dinner” — meat, squash, spuds, green beans. Me, I’ve been marinating a sauerbraten for four days, and have planned a full feast of rosti (Swiss potatoe pancakes), balsamic brussel sprouts with pancetta, devilled eggs, and … oops, forgot about dessert.

Cooking is a lost art. I gave myself the updated Gourmet cookbook for Christmas and have been working through it at every opportunity.

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