The world is truly flat

Sorry, but the last time I was in Asia (1991) one had to fight to find a fax machine, let alone a PC. Sitting through a day long meeting in Singapore, with participants dialed in by speaker phone, instant messaging commentary across oceans, reviewing metrics delivered in real-time over 10,000 miles, discussing manufacturing in Latin America, China, Taiwan …

Getting pinged on my cell phone, blogging onto a server in Mashpee, Mass. — sorry to state the obvious, but all this PC and connectivity hype that started in the early 80s is paying off in a very, very real and big way.
I’m here not to communicate but to meet people, face to face, the most crucial element and perhaps the cliche of the old “community” movement. But nevertheless, “meat space” versus “virtual space” is the prized commodity in the Flat World. Not the communications.

New world, new thinking.

Singapore 4.20.06

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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