I figured how to view blocked blogs in China

and I’m not telling. Let me just say RSS is a wonderful thing.

No posts for a few days. Checking out of my hotel and doing the tourist thing this weekend. Flying back to the States on Monday, then to Phoenix, then to RTP for three days, then finally back to Cotuit.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Kevin – Hello, and welcome to The Weifang Radish. Your author is Kevin Smith, an American living and working in southern Wisconsin and with a strong interest in China.
    Kevin says:

    Churbuck may not want to tell, but I have no qualms divulging the secrets. Let’s see if he self-censors this comment in fear of angering the Chinese government.

    If you’ve got your own computer in China and will be doing a lot of heavy browsing of censored sites, like WordPress.com blogs, Blogspot blogs and Wikipedia, the best thing to do is download Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system. If you’re on a public terminal or only occasionally need to access blocked sites then Anonymouse.org is the way to go. Another viable alternative is to use FeedBurner to burn RSS feeds (accessed via Anonymouse) of blocked blogs.

  2. The Cape is waiting for you. Ted Kennedy is trying real hard to kill the wind farm initiative. I think it’s because he thinks he’ll see the propellers outside his house in Hyannis. Known fact: when your drinking bourbon at 2:00 in the afternoon, rotating propellers can give you the bed spins.

  3. How can I login to a wordpress.com blog from China. I can view blogs no problem thru CGI proxy sites, but logging in is another story. Blogger has pkblogs.com. Does WordPress have something like this??

  4. Now after someone mentioned feedburner, it stopped working…..I don’t give a *** about what they are blocking, but now it directly affects my own blogging….

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    Jil says:

    This blog gives you all the information required to bypass firewall and access the blocked websites and stuff like that.


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  6. China firewall is lame, use water to put out the fire of the wall but how do you get over the wall? – use Freedur.com to bypass it. You can bypass China Great Firewall and access youtube, facebook, blogger and all other sites which are blocked.

  7. I’m using Freedur to access blocked blogs and well, other blocked websites. It’s simple to use and does a great job in bypassing the great firewall.

    There are so many solutions out there and many others I’ve tried don’t work quite as well. Other methods are quite difficult to understand, especially those ones that I have to manually configure.

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