Lenovo x60s EVDO is awesome

Blogging on the taxiway at Philadelphia on my way to Raleigh this morning. Completely excellent experience not being dependent on the local wi-fi bandits for airport connectivity. Coverage is excellent — I picked up the EVDO signal in Cotuit this morning — and the price, if one takes the $70 per month flat fee all-you-can-eat plan, is easily amortized against airport wi-fi charges at $7 each. Hats off to Verizon for being so aggressive in EVDO. This is going to shake up T-Mobile’s wi-fi franchise.

Downside is battery life suffers. I need to upgrade to an eight-cell LI-ION to get more usage out of the system. Down to minutes now and watching the power meter like the gas gauge on a Hummer.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. DC – What about Sprint’s EV-DO card? All i know is that its fast and its 79 bucks a month. And Sprint sponsors NASCAR.
    Hope all is well! Bri

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