A new erg is on its way

I bought my old erg in 1995, a Concept 2 Model C, one of the first years of that model. I immediately became obsessed and started using the thing at least a half hour every day, losing a ton of weight and turning myself into a beastly 30-something, “competing” online versus the World Ranking and finding myself, at one magnificent point, the fifth fastest man in the world in the One-Hour competition. I rowed a few CRASH-B Sprints (The World Indoor Rowing Championships), and finished in the top twenty every time.

With a daughter who is a US National High School rowing champion, it was obvious yesterday that the old erg had too many millions of meters on the flywheel. So I dropped some credit card cash on this new Model D. I sense another love/hate affair with the Erg coming on. For those who are unfamiliar with the ways of the Erg, let’s put it this way, there is absolutely no piece of exercise equipment on the planet that will kick your ass as thoroughly as a Concept 2 erg. Period. None. Finito. No argument.

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