The Rat in the Rose Bushes

Ah, the joys of working from home. One gets to hear one’s wife announce: “There is a rat in the rose garden.”

Yep. Big one too. Strolling around without a care in the world. So it is time to dust off the old pellet gun or encourage the two terriers to earn their keep. I don’t want to trap, because we’ve got a thriving population of chipmunks, and they don’t elicit the same reactions of disgust that Mister Rat does.

I’d pay good money to watch a Skye Terrier’s base instincts kick in, but alas, I’m afraid mine is solidly a couch potato. These things were bred to hunt down Scottish varmints along the rocky shores of the Isle of Skye. Basically big, hairy torpedoes that are dachsunds covered with hair.

The other terrier? It wears clothing for crying out loud. This is not the face of a rat killer.

I love this caption, found elsewhere, of a picture of a Yorkshire Terrier staring at a cute little hamster: “Zoe the terrier’s unforeseen ratting instincts resulted in the loss of Rocky the Siberian Hamster. A year later, and after much careful introduction, Zoe is friends with Couscous and several other hedgehogs.”
I need something that does this — the whole Dickensian – Hogarth, back-alleys of Olde London act.

Which leaves it up to me. John Wayne Churbuck and his trusty pellet gun.

Video blogging — on its way

I’ve been a DV geek for a year and want to mess around with some embedded video on to trial here some efforts for Lenovo. The question is which WordPress plug-in to enable to make this happen, and whether or not to use Google Video or YouTube as the host — the way I use Flickr for image hosting — so I don’t utterly hose my ISP bills moving video torrents through

I need to do more research, but any quick and dirty display options would be appreciated. I have the camera, I know how to firewire the capture into Adobe Premiere, now I want to figure out how to rapidly post it.

Foldera to take the wraps off the beta next week

Collaborative Technologies Conference to Showcase Collaborative Technology Industry’s Latest Product and News Announcements

“Foldera will release the beta of its long-anticipated work organization and collaboration service for individuals, teams and businesses, which automatically organizes work in the context of key activities, and enables collaboration with others.”

Next week, at a CMP Collaboration Conference, Foldera opens the beta of its online collab tool. I am looking forward to the launch and think people are going to be pretty impressed. When CEO Richard Lusk walked me through an Alpha-demo in early April, I was stunned.

[ Full disclosure: I am on Foldera’s advisory board and hold shares and options in the company]

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