On the Cape this week …

Last week’s return to Raleigh wiped me out — too many post-bike crash pills, too much heat, I spent my days looking for a place to fall down and take a nap — so I’m hanging back, with guilt, on the Cape the next two weeks to get this head injury thing over with once and for all. Last night my best buddy, a physician and fellow-cyclist, was over and asked how I was doing (he’s the one who came out of radiology on the day of the accident and told me my neck was broken in two place s ((it is not))). We got on the topic of medicines and not knowing their names I brought in the bottles.

He looked at them, he looked at me.

“I see the new ergometer in the garage. Are you exercising?” This is a physician-patient question where the patient usually needs to be evasive and dissemble. Not me.

“Yes I am,” I said. “30 minutes a day.”

“You moron. You’re taking a beta blocker that limits your heart rate. It wants to beat more when you exercise, but it can’t. Bet you feel real dizzy afterwards?”

So, I guess my neurologist never expected to have a patient who would be loony enough to try to go anaerobic on a daily basis while recovering from a concussion. I will stop taking that pill.

I will be working from home in Cotuit this week — no major face-to-face stuff scheduled in the land o’Lenovo — which is a mixed blessing as I have a ton o’ stuff going on and need to push my agenda forward. Last week’s experience with the tech support swat team was something that had to be experienced in person, and I wish I had had a DV video camera to capture some of their wizardry.

I’ll be on the cell phone all week. 508-360-6147. Then comes the dreaded Fourth of July weekend, the official kick off of the silly season here on the Cape.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Are you on the beta blocker, Cozaar? I take 50 mg a day of it and it’s eveel. it just wipes me the hell out. I spend 25 minutes on my machine and have to woble my way down to the bedroom dizzily and lay down for an hour. On waking up, I mainline some Yuban and I’m good for another three hours, then I crash.
    But, I’m above ground, no chest pains and that’s good.
    Be rested in Couit, David.

    off to a California Hysterical Society Donner Party dig at the top of I-80, to do some Evdo blogging.

  2. Indurol (sp?), a beta blocker, apparently the opposite of Viagra. Donner Party dig? What are you looking for? Remnants of the great People BBQ?

  3. that idiocy must be genetic–had the same realization after hiking up Mt Lincoln/Lafayette in NH and feeling like the life force had been sucked right out of me. inderol=very very bad when combined with exercise. glad the good doctor has you back on course–keep getting better!

  4. That’s good Maia. Hike a mountain and limit your heart rate to 80 bpm. It is genetic.
    I am better, I just like to complain.

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