Late to the party, but here I am — first post from a Linux box

Wow. It’s faster. It’s better looking and I like it.

Ubuntu rocks. This X41 is now a cooler machine. The question is what took me so long to get here.
Now to explore the wonders of wine and how to run Lotus Notes. If I crack that, the migration is underway. Otherwise I’ll be toting two laptops around.

Just in time for my presentation to the Lenovo OpenSource Committee!

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Late to the party, but here I am — first post from a Linux box”

  1. does this mean you grow a scraggly beard, wear sandals and get a posterr of Che or Mao?
    What di you use for applications or widgets?


  2. I’m just getting my feet wet app-wise and trying to get WINE riunning so I can support the one and only Windows app I must have, which is Lotus Notes. Then comes the fun of trying to connect to the Lenovo network — if I solve all that, I see no reason not to fully cross over to the Open side.

    Beard is not permitted per orders of wife. Sandals give me blisters. No comment on my political affiliations.

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