Naked Conversations: Why Support Matters

Naked Conversations: Why Support Matters
Shel Israel continues to confirm that customer support should be marketing driven and not regarded as just another cost of doing business:

“I go so far as to believe support should be a part of an enterprise marketing organization. It should not be treated as an ROI-depleting expense, but an opportunity to generate word-of-mouth marketing champions. For me this is an issue of emerging passion. In a world where companies and customers are having fewer and fewer face-to-face or voice-to-voice encounters, the imprint of the support line conversation is eclipsing the 30-second spot, the full-page ad and the ten city media tour in terms of perceptions and brand.”

Michael’s Thoughts: Sampson Kids, Powered by Lenovo

Michael’s Thoughts: Sampson Kids, Powered by Lenovo

Thanks to Michael Sampson at Foldera for the nice plug:

“My boys asked for a new Windows-based computer so they could run some of their Lego software. I had purchased a Mac Mini last year, but it’s the variant that doesn’t run Windows. So I rang my reseller (Michael Burry at TLC) and asked what he would suggest. Lenovo, said he.”

[full disclosure, I sit on Foldera’s advisory board and hold shares and options]

Job of the day

Response Source | Press Releases is advertising what could be the most unusual job ever.

[Tip o’the hat to Jim Forbes for the pointer]

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