Off to Yerp – Where the history comes from

So, shutting down the laptop and getting ready for the ride to Boston for a 5:30 pm flight to Berlin for the World Cup Finals. Dang I’m lucky!

Plane reading will be Don DeLillo’s White Noise and Conrad’s Nostromo. iPod is loaded with Tour de France podcasts so I can catch up on the first six days’ action. Also some Gillmor Gang in case I need to fall asleep or learn something from the most awesomely smart Jon Udell.

Paris by 7 am, tight connection to Berlin, and then off to explore, camera in hand. Any shameless tourism tips for Berlin would be most appreciated. I’ve never been before — having confined my Germanic travels to Frankfurt and Munich with a day trip into the Black Forest once upon a time.

The game is Sunday evening … so I’ll have lots and lots of time on my hands. I tried to change flights to get there on game day, but alas, everything is booked solid. Back to the States on Monday, into RTP on Monday night for a week in the office.

I will try to light up my new Lenovo smart phone with a SIM card in Berlin and will post that number once I know it. Till then ….

Toward a New England Common: Or why doesn’t Mass. have a cohesive blogger community?

Media Nation: Toward a New England Common

“Part of why we’re different, I think, may be rooted in a cultural desire for control and for the old way of doing things. Even when something genuinely new comes along, it’s quickly incorporated as the new old, and change is resisted for fear of losing control.”

Some good points. Chris Lydon has been doing great radio with OpenSource, but New England doesn’t have an online power like Salon or for that matter, any sort of confederation of bloggers. I know of a blog of blogs here on the Cape, and sure there are others, but … – Microsoft Relents to Pressure On OpenDocument Format – Microsoft Relents to Pressure On OpenDocument Format

Apologies in advance to non-WSJ subscribers — I hate linking to sites hidden behind cost- and reg-walls, but this is a good move by MSFT to extend their Office suite to the ODF format. Open XML was too goofy in my opinion and .ODF is paving the way, especially as organizations such as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts start to push for open file formats.

I remember a flurry of proprietary format protection efforts in the 80s when AshtonTate and Lotus and others were banking of file compatibility as a competitive weapon. It’s hopeless to try to defend such a position — open always wins.

Jim Hazen on becoming a “decent web metrics analyst”

Diary of a Madman : incoherent ramblings on web analytics, ACC basketball, music, and other assorted geeky stuff » Blog Archive » How to Become a Decent Web Metrics Analyst – Vol.1

Jim Hazen is our web metrics man at Lenovo. He’s responsible for running our new Omniture installation and getting our act together in terms of measurement and analysis. Smart, smart guy.

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