Lost in Raleigh

Driving to a dinner last night I got hopelessly lost somewhere south of the city. When I saw the exit for “Jones Sausage Road” I just had to take it so I could call my host and inform him where I was.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Was the sound of “Dueling Banjos” wafting through the air? Was it frightening?
    Down here you know you’re lost when you see “Welcome to Mexico, earn money buy loading up your trunk with our citizens on the return trip to Estados Unidos”


  2. Google SMS is your friend. if you haven’t tried it, text message “address1 to address2” to 46645 (GOOGL). i use it all the time in similar situations.

  3. Krista Summitt – Research Triangle Park, North Carolina – Krista is the host of the hilarious and must-listen Wine and Popcorn podcast about ABC's Scandal, as well as Wine, Fashion, Music, and Social Media. By day, Krista is a Chief Storyteller (aka Content Marketing Strategist). She's currently taking guitar lessons again and hopes to run her first half-marathon within a year. She's also a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, a DJ, and NY Times Crossword fanatic.
    Krista says:

    North Carolinians are always willing to give directions too. If they stick their arm way out to point, take the directions to the bank. Sounds like you were on 70 East…if you kept going, you’d get to Smithfield Chicken and BBQ….heaven!

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