Sneaking in a bicycle

Post Memorial Day crash my wife has posited this equation: a new bike = divorce court. She’s serious, no more cycling for me. Even as my best biking buddies try to work her over, she’s holding firm.

So what do I do? I drop $189 on a top of the line helmet (having lost my last one to the crash). Can’t cycle without a helmet, so, I have snuck in the first piece of new equipment, a Discovery Channel themed Giro Atmos, the top, top-of-the-line skid lid. Here’s to hoping I never have to use it again.

On Sunday morning my buddy is swinging through town on the second leg of the annual Pan-Mass Challenge ride across the state to Provincetown. Last year I accompanied him on the second leg, and may ride with him from Cotuit to the route on my faithful fixed gear, the SnotRocket. This will happen at 6 in the morning, when my wife will hopefully still be asleep.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Sneaking in a bicycle”

  1. If the equation “a new bike = divorce court” holds true, does “a used bike, purchased and overhauled = divorce court” also hold true? Or, is it more of “riding any bike, new or used = divorce court”?

    A bike is not worth losing a marriage or worrying your wife. A boat maybe, but not a bike.

  2. Dave, put a steel rule on the lower strut to see if its bowed or rorqued. Or maybe I’ll just get a new big monitor. Good luck on speechifying, dude.

    Jim the spastic

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