Everybody needs a hummingbird feeder

Hummingbird 1

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I’ve been feeding the hummingbirds for three
summers and it is hands down the coolest thing going on in the flower garden. Most evenings, right before sunset, I have a steady procession of them lined up at the feeder (I have two), putting on a show that is unbeatable.

Best $20 you can spend.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Everybody needs a hummingbird feeder”

  1. Yup, sit around and watch the hummingbirds. Exciting times on Cape Cod.

    David’s Road to AARP

    1) Get quoted in local paper grumbling about those loud kids drinking all night

    2) Be seen in front yard carrying gun trying to shoot varmits in the garden

    3) Sit around after dinner and watch the hummingbirds

    Coming soon…

    4) Sandals, black socks, fishing in the harbor

    5) Telling kids in his day the Internet didn’t have all these newfangled things like MySpace, YouTube, and Face Book. Just good old-fashioned porn, bad business plans, and resumes for venture capitalists and it all came through a 28.8 modem damnit

    6) Lawn ornaments: Homage to old tech. The 21st century version of a pickup truck on blocks; David decides to “bury” his old PCs in the yard. Esmee enjoys urinating on that Dell 486.

    7) A Schwin with a banana seat, a basket, and a little bell that goes “ding.” It’s all Daphne will allow him to ride…

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