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0 thoughts on “Flickr: Explore everyone’s geotagged photos on a Map”

  1. For Cotuit the quality of Yahoo Maps is good, but the coverage of Yahoo Maps for most of the World is very poor compared to Google Maps. If you prefer Google Maps for mapping your photos via drag and drop interface, our project, Panoramio, may be interesting for you. Btw, you can later watch the photos in Google Earth KML feed, a much better experience than web based maps.


  2. I will check out Panoramio right now. Very interesting. I agree, Google Maps and Google Earth is the superior online cartographic system, unfortunately Flicker’s parent being who it is …..

    Cool you detected and responded. I am into companies that listen to the conversation.

  3. We’re using the Google Maps API on a project for a public transit authority. Mapping bus routes and implementing code to offer the best bus route based on user-supplied start and end points.

    In comparing Yahoo to Google we found Google to be better, but there are still major holes in the map content and mis-labeled parks/roads landmarks.

    It seems mapping providers TeleAtlas and Navteq are having trouble catching up with the sprawl.

    Overall, it is still a powerful and useful tool. We look to launch in the next couple weeks, so far so good.

  4. I find Google Maps to be superior for getting the satellite lay-of-the-land and basic directions, however it still doesn’t print exit numbers on highways for those who are more visually oriented. I prefer to use MapQuest for visual maps.

    For me, the jury is still out on the written directions.

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