Site is sluggish this morning

It took me an hour to clear the spam out of the comments this morning, perhaps because there were over 2,000 pieces of bounced spam in my inbox. I need to do something about the spammer who have hijacked my domain and are forging return addresses onto their crap. My ISP isn’t a lot of help.

I generally nuke about 200 spam comments from this blog every morning — mostly Asian thanks to tendency to blog about China every now and again. (Do not blog any Chinese characters unless you really really want to pick up a flood of double-byte character spam.)

Then my spam filter, Messagefire, crapped out, telling me it was nailed by disk quota issues, so I had to clear out 750 pieces of suspected spam over there — Messagefire is a good service, but it doesn’t deal with the flood of bounces that come from the spam attacks on my domain.


Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Are you self hosted or through I thought Akismet was for hosted blogs only.

    My big issue is spammers forging “” into their return addresses. I’m getting besieged today with over 1,000 bouncebacks per hour into my pop3 account.

  2. I’m self-hosted. In fact, my server sits right here under my desk. I can help you get Akismet installed if you like (or I am sure Mr. Cahill will oblige as well).

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