Blogs About Business Travel Begin to Feel the Power

Blogs About Business Travel Begin to Feel the Power – New York Times

Hmm. I’ve missed my calling. Given that most of my life is spent at 30,000 feet or in a strange bed, I should be doing more along the lines of the previous post.

“Some are taking them as seriously as the work of journalists. For example, Marriott International began an ambitious program to reach bloggers this spring. Its efforts included asking bloggers to speak to its corporate communications team, inviting them on press trips and offering them news in advance of print media.

“A lot of business travelers are getting their information from blogs,” said John Wolf, a Marriott spokesman. “We wanted to have a better understanding of blogs.”

To do that, Marriott assigned an employee to monitor the blogosphere and generate daily reports on what bloggers were writing about the company. It also began pitching bloggers on Marriott-themed postings, recently offering bloggers an exclusive about a plan to put airline check-in stations in its lobbies. “The news got out there within minutes,” Mr. Wolf said.”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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    the shot would have been better is there had been man-porn on your screen.

    “Do i mind being first out of the plane, dear”
    “Shit, in the event I have to give this flaming coffin I’ll yank this door out with my teeth before we hit the runway and won’t stop running until I see “Welcome to FLorida.” signs.
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  2. Those chain thingies are part of my new S&M look.
    I am beyond porn at this point.
    I want to invest in a personal parachute some days.

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