New(ish) toy – Lenovo et980 Smartphone

Well, not that new, but thanks to my colleagues in Beijing, I have a GSM smartphone to take with me when I’m on the road and my Sprint PCS Treo goes dark.

This is a decent phone with a very nice camera (4 megapixels), but you can’t buy it in America. I couldn’t even activate it in the States, but had to buy a T-Mobile card in Berlin during the World Cup to make it work. My plan is to buy a new card when I hit a GSM country and just run that when I’m overseas.

This model is about a year old. Engadget wasn’t particularly nice to it, but gave it some praise for the camera specs.

“Normally we’d just skip right over yet another random Pocket PC Phone, especially one that is almost definitely not going to find its way over here, but Lenovo’s new ET980 stands out from the crowd because it just happens to sport a built-in four megapixel digital camera. Not the biggest or baddest you can do in a cellphone (that honor goes to Samsung’s seven megapixel SCH-V770), but this is the highest resolution you can get in a Windows Mobile device, at least for the time being. Can’t vouch for image quality (why do we have this feeling that the optics on this thing are for crap?), but the ET980 has a 312MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, and 128MB of flash ROM.”

I don’t use it enough to get into the hairy details. But the MSFT OS is familiar from my old HP Pocket PC PDA I lugged around Zurich a few years ago.  Meaning, more features that I need.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. Krista Summitt – Research Triangle Park, North Carolina – Krista is the host of the hilarious and must-listen Wine and Popcorn podcast about ABC's Scandal, as well as Wine, Fashion, Music, and Social Media. By day, Krista is a Chief Storyteller (aka Content Marketing Strategist). She's currently taking guitar lessons again and hopes to run her first half-marathon within a year. She's also a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, a DJ, and NY Times Crossword fanatic.
    Krista says:

    Jealous! 🙂

  2. Does it have a Fish Finder mode that’s as useful around the house and in the yard as it is in the Bay?
    Argh matey, go for the monocle and tell everyone you’re a lesbian in a man’s body!


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