WordPress is nearly ubiquitous among design bloggers

I was compiling a list of good design and industrial design blogs yesterday and out of curiosity checked their footers to see what blog platform they were running on. WordPress was the platform of choice for four out of five.

Why? Having only experienced one other blogging tool — Google’s Blogger — I don’t have much insight into the attributes of Typepad, Drupal, Telligent, etc.. I was pointed at WordPress by Om Malik in the fall of 2004, when I was ready to move off of Blogger. Om gave no compelling reasons, told me to use the default template — Kubrick — but trusting his taste in all things, I downloaded the code, built it on my server, and have been happy ever since, continiously delighted by the abundance of plug-ins, tolerant of the quirks, and intimidated by the CSS.

Here’s the list I compiled. All save the top one are on WordPress.

  1. We Make Money Not Art: Regine Debatty’s blog.
  2. History of the Button: On. Off. Snooze. This blog is about buttons. The kind you push, not the kind on your shirt.
  3. Hi-iD: You don’t need to read it to love it.
  4. Dexigner: Beautifully designed, a treasure trove of news about design.
  5. Inhabitat: Interior design and architecture.
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