Tashmoo mystery solved

Over lunch with Chris Kobran at CNET we were chatting about Cape Cod and he mentioned his parents had a place on Lake Tashmoo on Martha’s Vineyard. I related my tale of “gunkholing” around the Lake a few weekends ago looking for fish and the mystery of the “factory” at the very head of the harbor.

So, today Chris emails me:

“My father took my challenge yesterday and, it being a beautiful day on the Vineyard, hopped in his kayak and paddled up to the head of Lake Tashmoo and snapped some photos.  He also got out and talked to some neighbors nearby to get the low-down on the property.  here is what he had to report:

I took these pictures at the south end of Lake Tashmoo.  This is part of the Tisbury Water Works.  The pond in front of the facility drains into the lake through a “herring run” which is why bigger fish congregate there where it enters Tashmoo.  I think the pond is the manifestation of the aquifer that Tisbury taps for our water. “

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Always nicce when the locals give you the information you need to find the “where” and “why of really big fish congregtions.

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