Matt McAlister » Scaffolding web sites with Ruby on Rails

Matt McAlister » Scaffolding web sites with Ruby on Rails

Matt’s been messing with Rails and likes it. I’m jealous and need to get my geek side going. I like his proposal for a new acronym to replace LAMP with RASH.

“It’s mindblowing how much power this environment gives to people who aren’t true coders.”I have a feeling I’ll get stuck and frustrated with what I’m trying to build. But I’m very hopeful Ruby on Rails will get me closer than I could with open source PHP tools. If nothing else, I’ll get a sense for this new trend.

“Programming seems to have about a 3 year fashion cycle that also intersects with influxes of new ideas for web applications and a full cycle of students coming out of university. Now we’re at the early stages of a creative explosion on the Internet enabled by things like Rails, open APIs, storage solutions like S3, and JSON. And you can also wrap an idea in any number of different business models in even less time than it takes to build the product itself.

Maybe instead of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), we now have RASH (Rails, APIs, S3, Hosted).”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. I have only performed minor tests on Ruby on Rails, but what I’ve seen is great (nothing new here). It’s a great start point for web 2.0 applications (nothing new here as well).

    What’s really amazing is that it allows coders (and not so much of coders) to build applications really fast; there are a lot of libraries out there already which make it even easier to solve stuff, since someone has already developed stuff for you.

    I think it is a killer…

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