The new power of the press — Engadget eviscerates the Zune

Installing the Zune… sucked – Engadget

The folks at Engadget decided to install a new Microsoft Zune. This iPod wannabe has not arrived under the most auspicious circumstances, now that it is out, the Engadget people do what they did best and reviewed it. In great detail with many screenshoots and some hysterical captions.

“Ok, first thing we want to do? Obviously: options! Crap, as soon as we click the options button, it crashes. (Note top bar, not responding.)”

” While we were figuring out which tag to use, we were suggested some pretty awesome(ly awful) names:

  • TwinightRyan (sp)
  • UprightRyan
  • GrizzlyRyan
  • PraisedCloud
  • ScapularWorm and
  • HangingCheetah
  • PricyRacketeer
  • GutlessStudent
  • WontedSum
  • PeeweeDust

Do we LOOK like a scapular worm to you? Don’t answer that.”

I don’t care about the product, what I do care about is the new world order when it comes to product reviews. No more 250-word blurb by someone at PC Magazine talking pros-and-cons. The new world is what Engadget and Gizmodo and some guy named Fred are doing. Limitless space, a digital camera, a copy of Snag-It and a ton of attitude combine to put products under the total sigmoidoscope. I see this all the time with our products. A heat-seeking geek finally has his new laptop delivered after a week long delay in customs, and what does he or she do first? They take pictures of the packaging. And then they take a picture of them cutting open the box. And they take a picture of the accessories, the manual, the shipping peanuts!!!!! A couple hundred images later and they actually turn it on.
Imagine the horror at Microsoft.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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