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A smart launch from GigaOM on the hottest topic I’m following — online video.

“You’ve arrived at the newest member of the GigaOM family, NewTeeVee.com1. We aim to cover online video from end to end and front to back. We’ll point you to hot startups, hot videos, hot pipes — tracing the talent, money, code, and data across the network. We’ll combine the signature GigaOM skepticism with a healthy sense of wonder for all the cool stuff that’s going on out there. And lots and lots of pictures and video.Regular voices from the OMpire (don’t tell him I said that) will be visiting, with pieces from Katie Fehrenbacher on mobile video and Om Malik on telecoms, television, and underlying technologies.”

Best of luck with it Om.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Holy Cow!
    Another print media dude who may think there’s an axiomatic upgrade path betweeen print and streamed video. It may help him raise money, but from what I’ve seen, venture capitalists are no longer putting money on every number in the web video roulette game.
    I have yet to see a business model for GigaOM octopus that’s viable. His best exit strategy would be either acquisition by a quirky research firm, other web-based media like CNet, or to just lay quietly by the side of a river an let friends and family build a pyre for his one-time empire.
    Cowabunga, OM, where’s your business model? Is it just your name?

    jim Forbes

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