Half of American Business PCs Can’t Run Vista

Half of American Business PCs Can’t Run Vista

Thx to Jim Leonard for the pointer to this eWeek piece:

“Ultimately, the rate at which the average business CPU’s MHz rating is increasing has not kept pace with Vista: The CPU requirements for Vista have increased 243 percent from those of Windows XP, whereas the speed of the average business PC’s CPU has only increased by 215 percent over roughly the same time period,” Williams said.

Question is this: will Vista drive massive refreshment in business PCs, or does the steep step-up mean it may take years before we see XP vanish and Vista dominate. I still see some Windows 98 and 2000 machines, so we are not going to see anything tsunami-like in the uptake numbers.

Personally — I’ll load it onto my X60 tablet to play with it, but I don’t feel the aching need to have it the way I may have felt with earlier Windows versions.

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