The Five-Things-You-Don’t-Know-About-Me tag game

Eric Kintz at HP just hit me with the tag to disclose five things you may or may not know about me.

Here goes.

1. I was in a Milli Vanilli video, invisible, but present. I am also tone deaf, the world’s worst dancer, and a very unmusical individual (I play a bad ukulele).
2. I was once the fastest man in my age group in Indoor Rowing for heavyweight men in the One Hour category. I also was a very competitive sailboat racer in my youth but gave it up due to anger management issues.
3. I was a bartender for six years in my twenties while starting my journalism career. What I know about human relations I learned behind “the stick.”
4. I wrote a novel in college (which sucked). I continue to wish to be a novelist.
5. I know how to navigate the old-pre-GPS way with a sextant and chronometer.

Okay. I hereby tag:

Ben Lipman, Mark Hopkins, Jim Forbes, Krista Summitt and Suyog

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