The amount of overeating the past few days has convinced me that I have gout. Among the feasts:

  • Two pounds of Cabot Vintage Vermont Cheddar
  • A wheel of Epoisse stinky French cheese
  • A Louisiana Turducken
  • A Virginia country ham that is basically ham flavored salt
  • A North Carolina barbeque beef brisket
  • Five pounds of Virginia peppered bacon

I’m going on a fast.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Bilious”

  1. Most people don’t know what the word “bilious” means. As white trash growing up in distinctly southern California it’s a word I’ve heard a lot.
    ?but your list of great foods is wunnerful but I’m sorry I couldn’t steal any ripening avocados for the holidays.

    I liked EELee-otts DVD collection. I got the complete WestWing se, a new metal detector and a new pocket-sized VHF FM marine radio

    Great Chirstmas posts by the way.


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