Grundens — favorite things

Anyone who watched the Discovery Channels — The Most Dangerous Catch — about the Bering Straits crab fishery has seen Grundens foul weather gear. This isn’t the stuff that yachtsmen wear, this is what the salty guys put on in arctic conditions.

This Xmas was a Grundens Christmas. I went to my favorite chandelry on Cape Cod, Sandwich Ship Supply and bought a set of Grunden Briggs for my youngest son, who has had some miserable clamming expeditions for lack of a good set of foul weather gear. My daughter, who was accompanying me as a shopping advisor for another stop to find something my wife wouldn’t return, was astonished when I declared the Ship Supply to be my favorite store in the world.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Grundens — favorite things”

  1. Grundens – now that’s the stuff!

    Personally, I’m now dressed like a rapper, and have a neat new executive decision maker that I’m thinking of regifting to a fellow I know that could use a little help with his business decisions.

  2. The fact that ship chandleries still exist is fantastic. The fact that you have a local favorite one is brilliant.

    Sadly for my wife, I’m incapable of not going into a ship’s supply whenever we come across one. There’s just so much cool stuff! (And it’s all gear that I “need.”)

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