I wish the world had a del.icio.us account

I live in del.icio.us. I tag with the tool like a compulsive maniac, I want to use it to share stuff, anyway I can, with everyone I know.

But not everyone is there yet.
If you want to share links — I am “dchurbuck” — please join my “network.”
If you want me to share them with you, please get an account.

Here’s the official FAQ:

del.icio.us is a collection of favorites – yours and everyone else’s. You can use del.icio.us to:

  • Keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music, reviews, recipes, and more, and access them from any computer on the web.
  • Share favorites with friends, family, coworkers, and the del.icio.us community.
  • Discover new things. Everything on del.icio.us is someone’s favorite — they’ve already done the work of finding it. So del.icio.us is full of bookmarks about technology, entertainment, useful information, and more. Explore and enjoy.

del.icio.us is a social bookmarking website — the primary use of del.icio.us is to store your bookmarks online, which allows you to access the same bookmarks from any computer and add bookmarks from anywhere, too. On del.icio.us, you can use tags to organize and remember your bookmarks, which is a much more flexible system than folders.

You can also use del.icio.us to see the interesting links that your friends and other people bookmark, and share links with them in return. You can even browse and search del.icio.us to discover the cool and useful bookmarks that everyone else has saved — which is made easy with tags.

All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Sound good? Here’s how to get started. If you’d like to find out more, keep reading.”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “I wish the world had a del.icio.us account”

  1. It reminds me of my old desire “I wish the world used Firefox” back when I was a freelancer. BTW I’m “steveglas” at del.icio.us

  2. Okay, I’m in. I’ve avoided for a while just because it was *yet another* system I’ll have to ping, tag, fold or mutilate. But seeing the way it works, I like it. The general idea of just tagging stuff quickly and creating a reading list others can use is much more appealing than the Digg model where you get voted up the chain, and hence, the system gets gamed. After all, not all opinions carry any weight with me – in fact, some carry negative weight.

  3. I’m mncahill – so far I like it – kinda beats trying to blog all the stuff I want others to be able to read. It’d be nice if it suggested keywords for arcticles that have already been tagged.

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