Move over bus plunges — Shark Attacks win Shark attack survivor describes being almost swallowed alive

A family member who will go unnamed is a municipal bond trader — the classic trader type-A type who sits at a turret looking at screens, barking orders, and working the telephone. He is the type of guy who utterly depends on Bloomberg — who views his Bloomberg the way the rest of us view the InterWeb — it’s his job, it’s his email platform, it’s his news source.

He is obsessed with shark attacks and has set up alerts on his Bloomberg to let him know whenever an attack occurs. I then receive an email from him within seconds letting me know: “Lucky abalone diver in Oz ystdy…”

Grant Willis of the Sydney Aquarium said that after the shark bit Mr. Nerhus, it probably realized “he didn’t taste anything like a seal — sort of a bit bony and horrible and nothing like a seal at all — so possibly it spat back out.”

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. I use Google as my primary news source. In another life I must have had a close call w/ a shark. Maybe one of my Nantucket whaler forbearers harpooned one for sport & the white shark ghosts haunt my dreams in a karmic revenge. Read ‘Devils Teeth’, if you want some illuminating details about these remarkable fish. Also, muni-bond trading is done pretty much electronically these days, what with multi-tiered hedging stategies & contract driven mkts, TOB programs etc. ; there’s no time for talk. I’m on My B-berg 10-hrs every day, so I use it as a primary e-mail source, for simplicity’ sake. I have both a Mac & PC @ home, but, between coaching my son’s various teams, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse , being a husband & primary chef, reading Helprin, & marching my dogs down to the beach, where I catch up on text messages & cell-calls: I rarely use-em.. . I probably won’t ever buy, or use Lenovo products & was wondering ; while I was @ the “Bodies” exhibit in Seattle the other night; how many ex-Lenovo employees were on display! Cheers JRN

  2. While in Mexico in Jan ’05, I went on a couple of scuba dives off a reef. I’m not certified, so I was diving with an instructor and swimming 20′ or so behind him when I see a shark – maybe 8 feet or so long. The instructor sees it too and starts swimming for the shark while dinging on his air tank with something metalic (maybe his dive tool). At first, I thought he was trying to scare the shark away, but as the sharked turned, he continued to swim after it and was motioning for me to follow him. I reluctantly did so.

    When we got to the surface I realized his dinging was signaling the other divers in the area so they could take pictures and get in closer to the shark. Apparantly, this was somewhat of a big deal to them and they were all exhuberant. I just kept my mouth shut, as I was a newbie, and most relieved to be sitting safely in the boat.

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