The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs – RIP then Back Again

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

The funniest blog of them all closed its doors earlier this week is back. Fake Steve Jobs opened a new genre of online humor, crossed the line so many times I had to wonder if there was ever a line in the first place, and gave us new words like “frigtard.”

“Well my friggin lawyers are advising me that I will have to shut down this scandalous old blog. Details not worth going into here. Someday I’ll be able to explain. Maybe I’ll write a book or something. Maybe a really beautiful e-Book that you can carry in your pocket and which will be sleek and elegant and shiny, with rounded corners and an extremely hi-res touch screen and only one button. Anyhoo, I’ve really enjoyed having this naked conversation with you, and I hope I’ve managed to restore a sense of childlike wonder to your life.”

The string of sad comments on the final post say it all — this was, for many people, their best source of Silicon Valley news.

[update:  and now is back again, the second time FSJ has started, stopped, and started again]

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. one FSJ t shirt this morning at Demo on smoe guy seated opposite Jean Louis GAsse. Poetic justice au naturale.
    I join other frigtards in saying “oh reservoir” to Fake Steve.


  2. Krista Summitt – Research Triangle Park, North Carolina – Krista is the host of the hilarious and must-listen Wine and Popcorn podcast about ABC's Scandal, as well as Wine, Fashion, Music, and Social Media. By day, Krista is a Chief Storyteller (aka Content Marketing Strategist). She's currently taking guitar lessons again and hopes to run her first half-marathon within a year. She's also a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, a DJ, and NY Times Crossword fanatic.
    Kristasphere says:

    Yes my Google reader will not be the same. My stomach still hurts from his post on going to South America with Sting to take some diarrhea-inducing hallucinogen and “spooning with Sting and listening to his sobs.”

    As I said in my comment on FSJ, I waited for updates from FSJ like a kid on Christmas morning. I think a “Free FSJ” protest shirt is in order.

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